Tire Sizes Chart

A Free Car from our parents is over the moment we land our first job. We don’t want to rely on them anymore. We want our independence by working and earning money. So we can afford the things we wanted. Get car and go to work, have fun and live life to the fullest. But it seems that Car Now are a little bit pricey so we need to compare car prices. We have experts who can help get us the best deal. Auto purchase is a start of an awesome journey. So next is car & tire maintenance, And that’s what we wanna share with you…

You might be having having a hard time getting the right tire size. The car tire sellers needs to determine what best fits to your vehicle that’s why you need to understand the letters, numbers, slash letters and letter combination of your tires.  Here’s How:

1. Know what the first letter stands for your vehicle type to which the tire is to be installed. Example: P for passengers, T for Temporary Spare, LT for Light Truck, ST for Special Trailer. I’m sure that is not hard to decipher in your tire size chart.

2. Width Number. The width is indicated after the digits or it’s cross section measurement usually in millimeters. Example: If you have a tire that says P225, therefore it means that the tire is for a Passenger Vehicle and the tire cross section width is 225 millimeters.

3. You need to understand the aspect ratio concept. It normally follows with a slash after the width of the chart. Example: P225/60 – that simply means that tire’s aspect ratio is 60. It represents the percentage of width and height. Thus, the height of this car is 60% of it’s width.

4. Get yourself intimate with the construction of the tire. Normally, the letter that follows the aspect ratio indicates the car tire’s internal construction. A commonly used type of car is Radical which symbolizes in R.


5. Rim Size. It is the number that follows the tire’s construction. Example: P225/60 R15, here the rim size is 15 inches. Since you now deciphered your tire size lingo then you can now go ahead and change your worn-out tires.

P225/60 R15 means: Passenger Vehicle Tire, a 225 millimeters cross section width, 60% aspect ratio, radical and a rim size of 15 inches.

If for instance your car size is not listed, the measure the tire as shown then afterwards compare those measurements as against the ones in the chart.
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 Here’s a Complete Chart of the most popular Size Tires and Rims

Quick Tips:
A better tire are those that keeps you from any inconvenience in the road with proven quality. As a car owner it is our responsibility to know and get acquainted with our vehicle so we can detect any minor problems. Tires are one of the most important components in your car. Follow those tips to proper maintenance & car check ups.

Make sure you know the do & don’ts of tire care. Be sure to apply what you learn to keep your car in good running condition.

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I understand better now. I was really confused before about the figures and wordings in my tire but it’s just easy to comprehend.

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I was trying to familiarize the figures here so I know when problems occur. It’s quite useful though.. Now I know what to do.

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Wheel rotation proves very useful/ helpful to prolong the life of your tires.

Larry Hunt says:

Yes, you are right. I do wheel rotation on a routine basis and it really works for me.

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There’s a lot of good benefits of wheel rotation. It saves money on maintenance and tire replacement. I’m glad you’ve shared in here. It helps.

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I couldn’t agree more. It helps and I’m doing it whenever necessary. It extends the life of my tire.

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It may be hard to determine the figures on the tires indicated but it kinda easy when you get familiar to it. It’s absolutely essential to put the right tires to the truck.

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Car efficiency also depends on your tire quality and its current state. Having an efficient car tire contributes huge savings on maintenance and fuel cost.

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As for me. I buy those expensive tires. I believe that expensive means quality & efficiency. I’m not wrong at that. It gives me more value to my car. It’s how I care.