20 Tips to Help Extend the Life of your Car

Keep your car running at it’s best condition by following this simple tricks & tips to help prolong the life of your vehicle.

1. Have a patient attitude during the break-in cycle.

You just bought your new car huh. It must be so exciting to test drive and roam around your area. Here are some guidelines that you should know below steering out from your car dealer.

  • For the first 1,500 km follow the advised speed by your car’s manufacturers or at 88kpm (55mph)
  • heavy load should be avoided like loading some heavy materials at the truck or loading huge & heavy equipment at your car’s roof track.
  • Long idle period for a new car should be avoided.
  • You should keep your car engine below 2900 rpms for the first couple of hours of driving perhaps a light to medium acceleration.

2. Everyday you should exercise good Driving with care.

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It doesn’t have to be within the break in period that you drive at a proper speed and tune. You should drive with care every single day and I’m sure you will be rewarded by this.

  • I know many people would like to race their car engine at the start-up. You should stop doing this because it will add up the years of wear to your engine.
  • Slowly accelerate your car at the start up. The fact is most engine wear occurs in the first five to twenty minutes of operation.
  • It is not a clever idea to warm up your vehicle by allowing it to go idle in the driveway. This practice will result to soot deposit on cylinder walls, damaged components or incomplete fuel combustion. So refrain from doing this.
  • At red lights on pedestrian lanes, put your gears at neutral especially if at automatic transmission where car’s engine would still work to push.
  • You should avoid quick acceleration and stops especially during hot or cold weather.
  • Follow speed limits provided by the highway patrol, avoid potholes if possible and never run on curbs. Basically a driver should avoid fast start and stops. Make it run smoothly.
  • To avoid damage to your power-steering pump, avoid holding to extreme right or left for more than few seconds.
  • Plan your driving trips. If you have numerous errands make sure to plot everything so you won’t travel & drive in circle.

3. Gas Should be purchase only at your trusted and Reputable Gas Stations

There are some gasoline station that don’t have a pump filter so make sure to asked the pump guy because without pump filter, gasoline are more prone to being dirty & impurity. Find another gasoline station that provides excellent maintenance.

4. Don’t get panic when you’re stuck.

Some drivers when struck in a mud or snow would spin their tires at a high speed either from forward or reverse. It may cause damage to the expensive and important components of your. Perhaps you need some traction like sand or gravel but if it is too stuck then you might as well call a towing truck to help solve your problem.

5. Gasoline Tanker Filling the Tanks

If you are about to fill up your gas tank but you see a gasoline tanker filling the tanks of your local gas station, don’t fill up move to another gasoline station or come back the other day. The reason why you should not fill up your gas is that there’s a stirring and turbulent in the underground tank those sediments many enter into your car tank causing clogging on your fuel filter & fuel injectors so it lead to poor performance.

6. Take out other keys in your key chain.

Some of us likes to put all our keys in a key chain even with our car keys. It’s time to start lighten up your car key chain. Those heavy load will cause damage to your car ignition from bouncing & swerving with driving. To avoid ignition failure in the future, you should drive with one ignition key in the ignition.

7. Be choosy in your car insurance

Accidents happen no matter how careful and alert driver you are. If that happens make sure that your car is will-repaired at the best possible standard. You need to find an insurer that would provide you the best repairs your car needs.

8. Auto Log

Keep a note tallying your gas fill-ups and mileages. If you notice irregularities and the mileage are worsen then make sure to mention it to your service guy so they will take action to it.

9. Long Storage

We go on vacation from time to time so we need to keep and store our car properly to prevent any unnecessary damage when we return. Here are some simple ways:

  • To prevent condensation from occurring in your gas tank you need to fill them. It may help if you add a fuel stabilizer and you may need to drive around a little bit to distribute the additive to other engine components.
  • To protect the finish of your car, it is a smart way to wash and wax the vehicle thoroughly.
  • You may want to avoid brake corrosion and the best solution to this is to disengage your parking brakes.
  • If you have a jack stands, use it to the weight of your car is not distributed to the tires & wheels.
  • To keep the battery from draining, it is best to disconnect and remove your car batteries.

10. Find a Shade to Park

It is well-recommended to park your car in your garage but if it is not available then find a shade to park your car. This way you can minimize UV sunlight & heat to interior damage. A good spot would be under a tree but you should be prepared to any bird poop. You can actually use car shades for your front windshield and rear window.

11. Car Interior Cleaning

Use vacuum and sponge to clean your car interior. Get rid of those spilled liquid & soda.

12. Dashboard cleaning

Use a soft cloth to clean your dashboard. Don’t apply too much pressure, it might give scratches to your vehicle.

13. You can definitely use floor mats to protect your carpeting in winter.

14. When cleaning your car, include those rubber and carpet floor mats by blasting them with your hose. Let it completely dry before putting it back on again.

15. The paint of your car is not just for having a good appearance but it also acts as a defense against rusted body panels. Primarily, the best solution to this is to park your car in your garage or shaded areas. However there are instances that we can’t make this happen and another given solution is to secure a Car Cover. Sometimes those car covers are design not just to protect your car from extreme sunlight, dust & bird droppings but it also help protect against light impact, small falling tree branch.

16. Tape those cracked tail light or turn-signal cover. Water may have a chance to get inside and what follows is huge damage. This is some sort of quick fix but it definitely work.

17. Don’t overload. Avoid getting too much load on your roof. Determine the maximum load limit at your vehicle owner’s manual.

18. Maintain Proper Tire Inflation

Do you know that the tire salesman’s best friend is an under inflated tires? Yes. If you run on under inflated tires, it will create extreme heat leading to tire failure. If you want get the best out of your tire, you need to maintain the right pressure as specified in your owner’s manual book.

19. Check for Uneven Wear. An uneven wear may be the indication of improper wheel alignment which could lead to improper operation of the brakes, shocks & bent wheel and etc. If you found this issue consult a trusted mechanic.

20. Tire rotation. Rotating your tires can actually helps distribute the uneven tire wear. Make sure that you have your car tires rotated after a specified mileage provided for by your car manual.

Sheryn Morales says:

I agree with you that proper tire inflation is important to keep your car in good condition.

Jason Mosby says:

As a car owner, It is your sole responsibility to keep your car interior clean so it would look fresh and have a new feeling.. It also a good maintenance.

Harry says:

I think if you give more attention on tires. You’d achieve your optimum lifespan of your cars & tires.

Matthew Martin-Cooper says:

You’ve got a great input in here. Quite useful in here indeed. thanks