6 Simple Car Maintenance Tips

Periodic maintenance is necessary since all cars are not designed to keep run and working indefinitely. You would probably end up spending more if you wait until any problems or signs of issues occur. By doing these easy and simple tasks, you can prolong the service life of your car.

A. Manufacturers recommends a certain schedule on changing your car oil. Usually it is done every 3 months or 3,700 miles  which either the two comes first. You are doing this because it helps keep your engine running well plus ensuring that you have right oil level and clean.

B. Have your radiator checked by professional to make sure that the cooling system have the right anti-freeze level. Through regular maintenance you can avoid over heating which may caused damage and problems to the system.

C. Inspect your entire car and know what to look for. It has to be done on a regular basis. Repair those minor faults before it gets bigger causing you huge problem.

D. Don’t jump from one mechanic to the other. You should to to one mechanic even if it is just a minor issue. By doing this, he will notice something out of the ordinary and he can easily make judgement serious problems may occur.

E. Make sure to clean your car inside and out regularly. Your vehicle can damage if you allow dirt and grime. It may become the major causes to have a faster wear and tear upholstery. If possible park your car at the garage rather than leaving it in the driveway overnight. To prevent rust, you must keep it dry.

F. Tire pressure should be checked before driving it. Correct the tire pressure level to have an even wear and to increase gas mileage.

Though you have to pay for these car maintenance but the cost is still bearable than leaving minor problems neglected. Eventually, it will go worst and big needing you to spend huge bucks to keep it running again.

6 Simple Car Maintenance Tips

Brando K. says:

Before I go on a trip, I always check my tire if it has the right amount of pressure so I won’t have any problems on the road. It’s quite a great advantage on my part though..

Brando K. says:

Even minor faults should be corrected especially if you see and evidence of it at an early stage.