7 Tips When Buying A Car


Getting a new wheels boost up your energy level and excitement. After all there’s too much to learn and discover on your new buddy in the road. Thus, having the best and coolest vehicle gives us inspiration.

When you buy your next car, there are few simple tips that can help you gain the upper hand. Normal case scenario: Car dealers want to pocket your money, you don’t want to give it ALL away. You need to stick to your mind and buy car at your OWN terms.
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1. Don’t lease a car, it will make you lose money. There are only just a few scenarios where leasing car will make sense. It’s a car salesman trick to persuade you to lease the car at a low monthly payments. In reality you are paying huge $$$ in the long run.
2. Why should you pay the doc fee. When the salesman gets the vibe that you are really 100% going to buy the car, they will give out their spiel to make you pay for the doc fee. Wait until the very end when you are about to sign the papers, ask them to take off the fee or you’ll walk. Be ready to walk out, as in literally.
3. Switching cars – don’t let them do that to you. They know that you already have made a lot of research on the cars. They want to divert your attention with all the flashy words. They want to get more money from you. So, giving you the car with less value is the top strategy. If you let them switch cars for you, you will lose money and not getting the car you wanted.
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4. Look for the best deal, shop around. It may sound like time consuming but it’s worth the effort. Cars are investment that stays with you for a long while. Keep looking, compare prices and weigh the pros and cons.
5. Trade-in Game. They are prepared for it so don’t try to hold the trade until the very end.
6. Don’t buy on the first trip. Buying on the first visit will usually end up in regrets. If you see a car that you like, give it time to think about it. Go home and research. Compare with what you already thought you want to purchase.
7. Don’t show too much interest. Leave a trail of mystery so you’ll have the leverage to still bargain the price. If you show too much interest and enthusiasm they will pump you with more perks ending up getting more money from you.
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