Basic Car Maintenance Checklist

Preventive maintenance is perhaps the best maintenance method for your car. You are not just prolonging its useful life span but ensuring that your car is in excellent running condition especially during the times when you need it the most. To achieve optimum car performance, you’ve got to check only some of the basic components of your car on a regular basis. That is why it is crucial to have a routinely check up schedule so you won’t miss any appointments with the mechanics.
speeding cars
Each part of your car plays an important role in its locomotive function. But a car won’t literally run without the tires. Having said so, as a car owner, you need to make sure that you apply proper air pressure to your tires as recommended by the manufacturer. An over or under inflation could potentially shorten the expected life of your car. Before heading out for a long drive, check all the tires for proper conditioning. One of the ways to prolong your tire lifespan is the “Tire Rotation”. It allows even wear and tear. The front right goes to the back left and the back right goes to the front left and vice versa. By doing so you are maximizing your tire to carry for efficient performance.

A responsible driver won’t do abrupt braking and speeding. Be gentle in handling your car. You are not just protecting the lives of your passengers but you are helping ensure that your vehicle is not force to perform out of limits. An abrupt speeding and braking will caused unintended malfunction of your safety gears in your vehicle.

Having a car comes with a responsibility to properly maintain its condition. Take action instantly if you have found out that there are some issues that needs fixing before it gets bigger. If you ignore certain problems in your car, you may be forced to spend more in the future and providing a solution today. Keep safe and relax! Cheers!