Basic Car Maintenance in Winter

Weather is an issue to every travel plans we have.  Winter season proves a lot of complication most especially on car maintenance. Attached to these winter months are extreme snow downfall. There are few steps to ensure safety whether you are an auto repairs or just preparing your car in an icy morning.

Tires. Make sure that you check your tires, it should have a sufficient tread depth. You have to also check if your car tires have the right pressure in this cold season and if doubt arises immediately refer to your car owner’s manual. Under inflated tires are quick to get wear especially on the other edges while an over inflated tires cause fast wear at the center of the tire.

Engine. Check your car’s oil level by taking out the dip stick. Wipe it clean and put it back on . You have to ensure that the oil level marks in between the minimum and the maximum level as indicated in the dip stick. When replenishing, make sure not to over fill since it could lead to leaks and even damage to your engine.

Windscreen Wipers & Wash. Before hitting the road, be sure that you completely clear the ice on your windscreen. It should be clear for good visibility. To clear the accumulation of road dirt, you should add a screen washer as well as water reservoir. Do not pull the wipers on your windscreen because the rubber would probably stick and frozen to the screen. The best solution to this is to use a warm damp sponge and gently run it along the rubbers so the will ice melt.

The most easy and environmentally friendly way to solve this icing issues in our vehicle is through covering your windscreen with cardboard and a sheet of material.

Another option you can do is to leave your car engine running while closing the windows and doors so that the ventilation will warm up your vehicle to avoiding defrost in the windows.

Basic Car Maintenance in Winter