Best Tire Maintenance Tips

As a car owner, it is your responsibility to make regular check up of your vehicle so you’ll have a smooth and comfortable trip. You’ll need to properly maintain your tires to get the most of it and achieve maximum mileage. You don’t need to worry because it’s not that complicated as you may assumed.

A. Tire Specs. In your tire there is an information that describes the fundamental characteristics of your tire such as tire type, tire width, aspect ration, construction, wheel diameter, load index, speed rating. You can also look this information at our tire sizes homepage

B. How to Check your tire pressure? Every month, it has been known that tires lose up to 1psi or pounds per square inch. So it is very crucial to check our tire pressure every month. If possible, make a quick check the condition of your vehicle before leaving your house.

In checking your car tire pressure, you need to use the trusted pressure gauge. Make it your standard procedure to check your tire before driving out and at least three hours after you have driven.

If you found out that psi is above the number indicated in your owner’s manual, let air out until it matches otherwise add some air if it’s below the recommended psi level.

How to Inspect a Tire
Here’s an easy way to knowing if you’re tire needs replacing.
1. Get a penny and hold abe between your thumb and forefinger up side down.
2. Choose a spot in your tire with evident wear and tear and insert Lincoln’s head in to one of the grooves.
3. If the tread is covering part of Lincoln’s head then you’ve got safe amount of tread. If the tread is too shallow then you might need replacing.

The video below best illustrate on how to determine if your tire needs replacing.

Tire Rotation
Do you know that regular tire rotation helps extend the life of your precious tires plus it will improve performance and safety.
tire maintenance

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