Bike Tire Size

Bike tire size is one of the most crucial part in choosing the right replacement tire for your bike. You should select the right dimensions else it will not be properly installed and will work inefficiently. Normally the size of your old tire is inscribed at the sidewall of the tire.

If it is not indicated in the tire’s sidewalls then here’s how you can do it.

1. Inflate your old tire with the right pressure before measuring it. Don’t over inflate or under inflate, just apply the right pressure to get an accurate measurement.

2. Get someone to assist you to hold the bike straight up. If no one close to help you then prop the bike against the the wall to stay an upright position.

3. So now you can get the measurement using your tape measure. To measure the tire size diameter put the tip end of the tape measure at the center of the bottom part of the tire tracing to the upper part and get the figure.

4. To measure it’s width, put the tip of the measuring tape to one side meeting the other side of the bike tire. The thickness / width of the tire is usually indicated in the tire size description.

These details and information are usually included in your bicycle manual. So look for the manual accompanied with your bike when your first purchased it. You can look for the paperwork that came with the bike. Sometimes it is detailed on it. Another way to determine the right size of your bike tire is to check the size of the rims. It is advisable in an instance where the tires are already flat and you can’t inflate it as instructed earlier.

If you really have difficulty determining the size of your bike tire then your last resort should be to go to expert. Bike store people can help you with these problems. Have them look at it and you’ll be taken care of.

Bike Tire Size