How a Tire Size Affects Car Performance

Most drivers don’t know the significant effects of your tire size. If you are using tires that are not the recommended size of your car then there is an essential consequences to your car’s performance.

It Suffers your Car’s Economy Fuel Consumption

Based on experienced car owners and drivers, the larger your tire gets, the more fuel it consumed as compared to its normal consumption rate. The idea is the same if you use smaller tires than what is recommended size for your vehicle. If any of these situation occurs then you may find yourself frequently filling your gas tank even though you are on your normal use. This would mean more spending to keep up the gas in your car.

That is an important reason why you need to pay attention to your car tire sizes. Bigger tires are more attractive to the physical look of your car while small tires seem to have better qualities but in the long run it will cost you more. When replacing car tires, make sure that you are choosing the recommended size because it can’t be too large or too small given the common arguments mentioned above.

It gives Wrong Speedometer Readings

Expect an inaccurate speedometer reading if the size of your tire does not matched required. Changing your tire either smaller or larger affects how your speedometer calculate speed. In this event, it would lead you to getting speeding ticket or an accident to the worse case scenario.

Experience a Brake Issue

What can be more dangerous in having Brake Issues. Your car is designed to a particular size so if you made alterations then the possibility getting a mechanically braking failure is bound to happen.

All of the situations presented above implies safety precaution. Accidents and any undesirable situation can be avoided if you just follow safety measures as recommended by experts and manufacturers.

How a Tire Size Affects Car Performance