How to Measure a Tire Size

A car without tire is nothing. It won’t go anywhere. So you should not take for granted the importance of your car tires. That’s why it is important to always bring a properly inflated spare tires. It can be dangerous if your car won’t ride smoothly due to tires that won’t fit perfectly. You don’t literally need to measure your tire, you just need to decode the necessary information on your tires. Learn how to read it and you’re on the go. It’s quick and easy to get a matching sized tires for your vehicle.

1. Usual way to find a matching tire is to place them side by side. Get a measuring tape or yard stick to verify if you can’t read the numbers accurately. 15 inches is the internal dimensions of the tire.

2. If in an instance where placing your tires side by side is not convenient then it is best to measure the dimension of each tire. Sometimes it is not possible to get an exact same height especially if you are in rush situation so the best option is to take tire with over an inch difference in height.

3. Compare the tread width through placing the tires together or using a measuring tape to take the numbers.

See here a complete tips to read figures on your vehicle tire.

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