Tire Sizes and Ratings Guide

Do you know how to read the ratings and figures on your tires? Lets just say “P275/75 R15“. It is absolutely very confusing and not self-explanatory. You’d be jaw-dropped by how you would figure out it’s meaning especially if it’s the first time  you encounter this.

This code marks various meaning and ratings which will be explained below to help you understand tire size and type regardless of its brand.

  • A letter P represents a Passenger Vehicle. Sometimes, letter LT appear which stands forLight Truck. For efficient handling and fuel efficiency, proper tire width is important.
  • Aspect ratio simply means to represent the percentage of the height and width of your tire. In the example shown above the aspect ratio is 75%.
  • Your tire’s Construction also plays a crucial role especially on some specific needs. In the Example: the letter R stands for Radial. That means your tire is durable, rigid and strong type of reinforced construction.
  • The size of the Wheel is referred to the Rim Diameter. When making a purchase to replace and old tire, make sure you have the exact same diameter. 15 is the Diameter Rim in the example above.

So now that you have an idea with what’s written on your tire then you will never go wrong on your next car tires shopping if the need arises. So in the Example:“P275/75 R15“. It reads like this:

It is for passenger vehicle, having a width of 275 millimeters, 75% aspect ratio, strong radial construction and 15-inches wheel Rim diameter.

Tire Sizes and Ratings Guide