Car Care Tips

It is everyone’s dream to own a car. That is why it’s totally significant to properly maintain your car to ensure its long life span. Cars are subject to depreciation within its life span through wear and tear. If you don’t show care on your car it would eventually get a mileage reduction. That’s the primary reason why regular scheduled servicing is essential to achieve its maximum performance.

Tips to Car Owner Car Maintenance

  • Oil filters and oil levels should be checked after every 2500 miles especially if the car is used on a regular basis.  A clogged in the car’s oil filter would  result to a reduced oil level which would greatly reduce the performance of your car. Use a dip-stick at home to check the level of your car oil. You can also check the color of the engine oil. If  the appearance of dark color is seen then it would suggest a replacement. Show your car to a local mechanic to make this important diagnosis.
  • Different car fluids are used in the car: brake oil, coolant level and other fluids. It is most recommended to replenish these regularly. Suggestions: It is highly recommended to use the fluid recommended by the manufacturer for good results.
  • To ensure safety make sure that the brake systems are on safety levels to avoid major accidents because of this braking failure system.
  • One of the most important part of any automobile is the battery. Make sure that your battery is in the right condition. In the instance that you seen any corrosion or loose wiring, be sure to correct these issues immediately. A loose wiring has some impact to your battery capabilities in it’s voltage generation.
  • Check if your car tires are not bald. Use a penny trick to check this. “Use a penny by inserting into your car and if you find that most of penny’s face is covering your tire then your good. Contrary to that, a replacement should be made.
  • Check all the belts in your car every 20,000 miles. Most experts suggest to change your seat belts every 50,000 miles. It is very important because your safety also relies on your seat belts.
  • Lastly, before taking off to every road trips make sure to check if your care tires has the right level of air pressure. It should also be properly aligned. Every time you refuel your car, take this opportunity as a habit to check the air pressures of your tire cars.

All those are an important guidelines to have a smooth driving and to avoid any road accident in the future.

Car Care Tips

Anthony F. says:

When I’m with my kids, I always make sure that they have their seat belt before speeding up. They have to be tied up in their set or else we are not moving. Safety first before anything else.

Emman O. says:

Before leaving the house to the office, I always make sure that my tires have the right amount of pressure, my brakes are working well, headlights, wiper, side mirrors & rear view mirror. These are the things I checked.