Common Causes of Car Tire Wear

It is your responsibility as a car owner to regularly check your tire of any signs of wear. It is totally important they are the only point of contact to the road. Any damage or deterioration could be a significant contributor the the risk of an accident.

Basic Car Tire Requirement as stated by Law:

  • A minimum of 1.6 MM is the minimum tread depth. It would be against the law to have a tread depth below the requirement. Bald patches occur after a skid so necessary checking should be made.
  • Car tire must have proper air pressure. Check your manufacturer’s manual to determine the recommended pressure for your car tires. With the right air in the tire, it will improves car handling as well as efficiency in fuel consumption.
  • Make sure that all the four tires are in good condition and compatible. If it needs car tire changing, bear that it needs to be in good condition.

Factors affecting Car Tire Wear Rate

Materials it was Made. Certain car tire is designed to achieve  a specific criteria. Those tires that has long life span is made of harder rubber compound, durable and can tolerate extreme weather conditions. This type of tires have an increased noise when driving. Contrary to that, a tire that is made of soft compounds are produce less noise on the road but will deteriorate or wear out faster than normal.

Tire Position. Front tire wear out quicker compared to those back tires. This is especially true if you are driving a front wheel drive. It is also caused by steering movement.

Car Weight. The weight of your vehicle will also contribute the wear of your car. The heavier the vehicle the quicker it gets wear.

Tire Pressure. Over inflation of your tire increase wear since contact area is decreased.

Speed. If you increase speed on driving it will produce temperature on the tire thus accelerating the tire.

Wheel Alignment. You’ve got to properly align your wheel so you’d have an even tire wear. Tire rotation is recommended if evident of minor uneven tire wear is seen.

Driving Style. If you are an aggressive driver like braking and accelerating excessively then it would definitely cause a quicker wear on your tire.

Common Causes of Car Tire Wear