Do’s and Don’ts of Tire Care

As car owners, we don’t really give considerable attention of our tires. Sometimes it runs  out of air pressure without even worrying the consequences. Maintenance checkups are one of many things we can do to help save the life of our tire or possibly prolonging it. There are best practices that we can apply in order to slow down the process of aging on your car tires. You should be aware the don’ts to ensure the longevity of your car tires.

Tire Pressure

Tire pressure has major impact to your car’s performance. This is the most important precaution you need to take care of. Make sure to read your vehicle’s operating manual to determine the right amount of pressure that your car needs. This way you ensure you are getting the best performance of your car. When the tire is cold it is important to check on  your tire pressure.


Having an aligned car gives you efficiency to the fuel it runs. The steering has to be precise in order to have even wear & tear of your tire. Tires has to be aligned so no tire is pulling the other side. You’ll have an outstanding handling and driving when your entire tire sets are well-aligned front-to-back.


You will experience a smooth & comfortable ride if you properly balance your tire. When you feel the vibrations then it’s a good time to get them balance. It will help increase the life expectancy of your tire.


Tire rotation has to be done on a regular basis to ensure even tear of your sets of tire. Front left should go back right while front right to back left tires.

Driving Habits

Our driving habits are the big contributors to tire damage. When you speed up over the maximum required it will heat up the tire and raising the wear rate plus it lowers the durability of the tire. Just be a normal driver not a race car driver. You should avoid driving on potholes, curbs & obstructions in the road.

speeding cars

Alfredo Martinez says:

I think getting the right alignment for your wheels is important to experience efficiency and performance.

Reginald Michaels says:

At home my car is overly use. My 2 brothers always borrow it on weekends. I think I know why the tire has a very low life period. It is because their are driving on low tire pressure and their driving habit also contribute to it.