Easy Tips to Clean Car Interiors

It can be a very tough task to maintain and clean your car since your car interiors are very prone to dust and stain. Major contributor to these are kids & pets food spill overs. Most car owners resorted to vacuuming but it clearly isn’t enough. So I’ll provide you easy steps in keeping your car interior clean.

Vacuum. Before vacuuming the whole car interior you have to make sure that all the mats and seat covers are removed. Use a special vacuum nozzles to suck dust in hard to reach sections like a soft nozzle or round brush. Vacuum the pedal thoroughly since dust accumulate at a maximum level in that car section. For doors, gearbox and dashboard it would be good to use a soft bristled brush to vacuum.

Dashboard Cleaning. It would be best to use soft brush to clean the dashboard but avoid scrubbing it too hard since it may cause some scratches. Avoid polish or wash to your dashboard since it would reflect light on sunny days thus distracting your driving.

Carpets. After pulling out your carpets and dust properly it would be easy to use a hard brush to open the fibers. Vacuum your carpet first before sponging because if you do so, the dust will settle deeper making it harder to clean. A mixture of half-cup detergent and a cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water would be good. You have to spread this mixture throughout the carpet then let it dry for an hour. Afterwards thoroughly scrub the carpet then rinse with cold water. It will not only restore the colorful vibrant but it eliminate any stains.

Car Leather. Car leather should be cleaned with extra precaution because inappropriate handling will result to loose in leather shines and may become to hard.

Easy Tips to Clean Car Interiors

Felix says:

I’m so particular with cleaning in the car, so I made sure that when I arrive home, I clean my car. The seats, carpets and empty all the trash bins.

Andre Marcus says:

That’s good pal. I do it all the time also. My wife gets annoyed by me when I do that because for her there’s still more time the following day.