How to Avoid a Tire Blow-Out

There are certain unavoidable circumstances like experiencing a blow out tires while driving. There are easy and simple steps that you can follow to ensure safety on stopping no matter what type of vehicle you are driving. We’ll also provide you essential tips that you can use to lower the risk of tire failure.

You will know that your tire fails when it would become harder to steer your car after hearing a loud noise. As soon as one of your tires blow out, let off your gas pedal and avoid slamming on the brakes since this could make you lose control. Slowly drive your vehicle away from the traffic and you need to be firm but smooth in steering. It is an essential reminder not to jerk on your wheel since it could lose you control and crash.

In case the front tire is failing, it would normally pull in to that direction but you should have considerable time to make a full stop safely. If you’re rear tire fails, it would give us a trickier maneuver. It can be very difficult to steer since it would dart to any direction unpredictably. This you need to apply smooth steering yet firm handling. In this type of situation avoid applying brakes until the speed goes down to 25mph minimizing the risk of any accident.

This type of situation is totally unavoidable but there are few things you need to do to reduce the chance of happening. You have to make sure that your tires are properly pressured. Do the checking regularly by using a tire pressure gauge. Do this before driving your car.  Replace your car if it already reached 5 years even without major defect since it would worn out especially if it sits a lot under the sun.

Other cause of tire failure is when hitting the curbs too hard. It will damage the wheels that normally gets bend. This type of situation is very easy to avoid. You just drive slowly and carefully in curbing sections to avoid hard contact.

How to Avoid a Tire Blow-Out