How to Keep Up your Car’s Interior

Keeping your car clean is a huge challenge even though you are trying it too hard. You may have some rules like restriction of eating, drinking or having cigarettes in the car however these kind of rules are hard to maintain in our lifestyle today. This situations can not really be avoided especially if you are traveling long distance where you need to eat and drink while on the road.

You might want to try this TIPS to keep your Car Interior clean and feel comfortable:

  • When you get out of the car, take out everything. Make it a habit. Don’t delay in cleaning your car in one time. Take out everything cans, cups plastic and etc. rather than leaving it there and scheduling for a clean up period.
  • Keep a plastic bag in  your car so you can put your trash in one bag. Tell everyone in the car that a designated trash bag is prepared for their mess. If foods are dump in the bag, don’t leave it overnight because it may be the cause of a foul odor in your car.
  • Clean your car interior regularly. Bring with you a wiper cloth so you can easily wipe clean a little stains in your car’s upholstery or accessories.
  • Use a vacuum to clean the interior of your car. You can easily & quickly clean up small debris and dirt on your car seat and difficult to reach compartments. This way you can maintain good looks as well as prolonging the life span of your car fabrics and upholstery.
  • Don’t spray too much air freshener. An odor neutralizer should be keep in handy. Some people feel uncomfortable to ride on very strong or overly sweet smells so you’ve got to avoid that.

These tips can help you maintain clean looking and fresh feeling in your precious car interior.

How to Keep Up your Car's Interior

Matthew C. says:

When cleaning there are dust particles left behind so we’ve got to make sure that everything is cleaned up.

Adams Walter says:

I use vacuum when cleaning the car. It’s quite a great help. It’s convenient for me and so easy. I used to keep it to my kid’s tasks in the weekend and they love it because they like music in the car.