How to Properly Maintain your Tires

Proper daily maintenance is important to get the most out of your car tires. It will not only gives you an excellent savings on tire replacement but it allows you to have a better gas mileage. Do you know that it is unsafe to get your car on the road with poor tire conditions? Thus, if you notice unusual appearance on your tires such as balding, visibly under inflated or over inflated and uneven wear on the tread then it would be best to bring them to professional mechanics for proper correction. If necessary, tire replacement is most highly suggested.”It’s better safe than sorry“, when it comes to the health of your car, any of the above conditions will absolutely lead to tire failures and accidents.

Check Air Pressure and General Wear

Before hitting the road, you should include in your routine: checking car tire pressure, tread depth, general wear and tear as your everyday maintenance purposes. When checking tire pressure, you should always use a tire gauge since it would be very difficult to use your bare eyes to determine if it has the right pressure.

If your tire is under inflated, fill them to the level based on what’s recommended. You should check the pressure oftentimes especially during cold weather. Under inflation will not only suffer the performance but it create a very hazardous driving conditions.  This is an easy-maintenance task so don’t take this measure for granted because if you keep driving on under inflated tires, it will soon grow weak and unsuitable for driving. Sooner you will be oblige to buy a new tire replacement and it means more spending.

As a car owner, you need to pay attention to the overall condition of your tires. Check for scratches cut in the rubber and deep grooves resulting from potholes and curb hits. If it is serious enough and not road worthy then perhaps a new tire is essential.

Rotating Tires

If you are dropping by at your mechanic shop for some minor fixes, ask the mechanic to also do the inspection of your tire. They could easily identify existing problems and make a corrections in the earliest time possible. Another essential part of a standard maintenance is “Tire Rotation. It is a very simple corrective measure in wheel alignment of an uneven tire wear to extend it’s life span. If the tire is still in good condition then it wouldn’t be necessary to purchase a new tire replacement.

How to Properly Maintain your Tires