How to Recognize Tire Wear Issues Visually

You may have experienced a change in your car handling recently which  are common indication to having tires problem. Some causes to these tire handling are issues in your suspension system but first you need to take a look and check with your tires. A tire wear problems can easily be recognized through your visual observations as it may reveal signs of huge trouble.

Tire Wear Unevenly. There can be numerous reasons why you’d get an uneven wear on your tire. Those tires that do not wear evenly will not be able to have a good grip the road. First, worn out brakes and shocks are the primary reasons why you have these unequal wear on your tire set. Second, improper inflation (over inflation or under inflation), wheels alignment, balance issues and worn out suspension parts are contributors to the problems.

Cuts & Crackings. Those tires that have crackings and cuts cannot be fixed. It has to be replaced since it may appear as over inflation. Another factor to this issue is car tire age. As a general rule, tires over 6-years of use should be replaced.

Cupping. It is primarily caused by a suspension problems such as worn out shocks. It would be a common issue if you purchase a low-cost and low-quality tires. These types of tires will worn out in ways that durable and excellent quality tires won’t. It has to be replace as some as possible if you can’t do anything to fix this problem.

Feathering. This another indication to a suspension problem. You can distinguish this issue when you see a round tread rib edge on one side but sharp on the other side. If the wear is only slight, you can easily fix it by rotating your tires and correcting your car suspension issues.

If you found out that one or some of the issues enumerated above evidently appears on your vehicle, bring it to your trusted car maintenance for further checking and evaluation to correct it.

How to Recognize Tire Wear Issues Visually