Proper Ways To Take Care Of Your Tires

Whenever you need to go somewhere else, you would simply rely on your tires. However, it is so sad to think that when it comes to auto maintenance, the tire seems to be one which is often overlooked. To keep yourself and your car going all the time, check on the following tire tips.

  • Maintain the Pressure of Your Tire. With the use of a tire pressure gauge, you’re on your way to check your tire pressure easily. A tire with well-maintained pressure can give you a smoother ride while increasing your car’s fuel efficiency along the way.
  • Rotate Your Car Tires. Rotating your car tires is a standard maintenance procedure and can be done by any vehicle maintenance shop. This procedure ensures even distribution of weight while preventing the tire from excess wear. Change front right tire to left rear tire while front left should go to rear left tire.
  • Replace Tires When Needed. When the threads of your tire wear down then it is time to replace them. Take note that damaged tires won’t give proper traction, thus leading you to an unsafe ride. When the tires are already very smooth, you have to replace them once and for all. A very effective way and most used test is called, “the penny test”. Insert a penny to the tire thread and when you see Lincoln’s head then it indicates that you will need a new tire.
  • Always Have the Right Toolkit for Flat Tires. Flat tires happen anytime so it is best to have the necessary toolkit as a part of your regular tire maintenance and care. It’s better to be prepared at anything.
  • Defensive Driving. Be a safe driver. Remember that when the wheels is in your hand, you are responsible to everyone on-board and the pedestrian. Follow traffic rules and watch your speed.