Tips to Save on Gas

Most of the cars today are run by gas, biofuel or diesel. Seldom do we see cars run by an rechargeable electric battery. This type of car poses a huge advantage to environment plus cost-effective to use however few people are using it because no major production yet and marketing strategies are not taken care so well.

One of the biggest expenses of having a car / vehicle comes to fuel allocation that is why fuel conservation equals to a larger savings for the entire family. Here’s how you can make it happen:

1. Make sure that you properly inflate your car tires before hitting the road. Your car is not only using huge fuel as normal but it will affect the life expectancy of your car.
2. Perform a Tire penny test. This is the most typical & easy test you can do-it-yourself to determine if you need to purchase a new set of tires for your car. Insert a penny to the tread of your tires (head first) and if you see the head of Lincoln on the penny then you need a new tire.

lincoln penny test care tire

3. Buy the right fuel. Check your car manual to make sure you are using the correct fuel for its efficient running performance.
4. Reduce resistance. If you are not using the ski racks & luggage storage containers then you should remove it to avoid drag.
5. Gas cap should be checked. Gas have the chance to evaporate if the gas cap is cracked, old and unsecured.
6. Manufacturers recommendation on grade of motor oil should be followed.
7. Avoid idling. Shut your car of if you plant to idle more than a minute. Place your car in part at red lights if you go into a fast food restaurant or bank.
8. Don’t put extra weight on your trunk. Care to carry those important items.
9. Slow down. Follow what speed you are intend to run and don’t slam on your brakes abruptly and excessively.
10. Keep your car in good & healthy condition. A routinely check-up is advise.

Larry M says:

I think the penny test work well for me. It’s quick & easy..

Leo Edwards says:

We always look for ways to save gas. I do search online and found your page. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.